How to use the audio and scrolling feature

This feature plays an audio file that reads the text on the screen. At the same time it scrolls the screen synchronously with the audible reading of the words. Click anywhere to start and stop audio with scrolling.

Your web browser must support HTML5. The latest version of these browsers support the audio and scrolling feature:

  Firefox  Chrome  Opera  IE  Safari

Your browser must enable JavaScript, enable cookies, and enable pop-up windows to use this feature. HTML5 enables the audio files to be played. Cookies keep track of your play and volume settings from page to page, and they expire after 8 days. Background music is played in a pop-up window so that there is no interruption of background music during transitions to the next page. You may have to unblock websites from automatically playing sounds.


It is my hope that you will find this website to be encouraging and helpful in finding peace with God. I'm hoping it will become an evangelizing tool for everyone to use. Please share it with your friends who are seeking to understand the Christian faith. Or you can use it during your meditation times.

Known bugs

If you find any other malfunctions in the autoscrolling, please use the comment button below and send me a message describing the problem. Thank you.