Many Wonder

The Truth Is God

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Many Wonder

Many wonder.
   what it all means 
about the
   story of Jesus
      and his suffering.
Why should he have.
   to endure 
	  this pain, 
and why does it require
   our repentance 
      and faith?
Yet, when the story
   is considered 
      in summary, 
the beauty of it
   is plain to see, 
that he is perfect.
   in all his ways,
and that his virtue
   is very great. 
It inspires us.
   to have faith 
that we also
   might be saved. 
For we all
   have gone astray 
and suffered
   the error
      of our ways. 
And in a world.
   of hardship and toil
   and oppression
      and hate, 
He showed us a power.
   that could save. 
He did not
   shy away from us, 
but he taught us
   the truth in 
And his faith in love.
   was so very strong 
that he had
  miraculous power 
     from God. 
He seemed so confident 
   and so sure 
that many sought him
   for a cure. 
And even as he.
   spoke the word
they believed in him
   and were cured. 
He spoke
   the truth of God 
      to us 
that God is full of
and if we turn away.
   from sin, 
God would welcome us
   into heaven. 
So many folks
   from all around 
followed him
   from town to town 
to hear his words.
   and to be cured 
since he was doing
   all these wonders. 
Large crowds
   gathered to him, 
and many were
What kind of man.
   is this, 
and what more
   can be gained? 
But the leaders
   of his day 
mocked without shame
because they were
   jealous of his fame. 
They would rather.
   boast of themselves 
then to give him
   any praise. 
They could not.
with miraculous deeds.
So they accused him
   of evil and sinful ways. 
But they only say.
   that they uphold 
      the law 
for all the reward
   and honor 
      they could gain. 
So he warned them all.
   that there was 
      a hell to pay 
and that they were
   indeed headed  
      that way. 
And they plotted together
   to give him strife, 
and they
   conspired in secret 
      to take his life. 
And even though.
   he knew their plans, 
He continued to do
   what is right. 
They captured.
   and accused him, 
but he did not fight.
They beat him.
   and abused him, 
but he did not plea
   for his life. 
And when they.
   gave him over 
      to evil men 
to be beaten, scourged,
   and crucified, 
He committed himself.
   to the will of God 
who is able to bring him
   back to life. 
He could have run
   from all this trouble 
      that he had 
since he knew
   of their evil plans. 
Or he could have.
   fought to escape 
      their hands 
when he had the 
But he knew that God.
   had better plans, 
and he knew
   the desperate need 
      of man. 
And so
   he continued to do 
      what is right 
even though
   it meant his life. 
He continued to bring.
   the truth to light 
though he knew the evil
   of their design. 
He continued to.
   heal the sick 
      of their plight 
even though his death
   was in sight. 
And he continued.
   to do the will of God 
even though
   they crucified. 
And so now the words
   can finally be said 
about the honor
   of someone such as  
He suffered for.
   the cause of love, 
and he proved
   sincerely devoted 
      to righteousness. 
He proved fully.
   committed to what is  
      right and just, 
and he proved his 
   undying love for God. 
So he atones for all
   the sins of men, 
by his complete devotion
   to righteousness. 
For he makes up for.
   all our sins, 
and he compensates
   for our wickedness, 
by showing God.
   there is at least  
      one man 
whose love and 
      knows no end. 
Though men care not
   for a righteous life, 
God does not forsake
   what is right. 
Since he proved.
   so devoted to the 
      God of life, 
God proved devoted
   to Jesus Christ. 
God raised him up.
   back to life 
to show us God cares
   about what is right. 
Jesus proved devoted
   to what is just 
by suffering death
   in his efforts for us. 
And God raised him up.
   to life again 
when his efforts were
   for our benefit. 
So this proves God.
   really cares for us 
if we honor Jesus
   as God has done. 
For how can we
   compete with such a  
      virtuous one? 
But if we should 
   care at all for what 
      God has done, 
then we should.
   honor the truth 
      and admit to God 
that we know
   we are sinners 
      by comparison. 
Yet now that we know
   that God can save, 
it inspires us more
   to have faith 
that those who repent.
   of evil ways 
will find mercy from God
   and receive his grace. 
So he lives forever
   for us to praise 
because he truly proved
and he suffered so much.
   for our sake 
that we might know
   a friend that's dear. 
He willingly proved.
   worthy of our love 
so that our love in turn
   for his devotion 
might cleans our hearts.
   of evil ways 
and deliver us
   from all fear. 
For if we find
   that we can honor 
who truly believes
   in eternal life, 
then our hope.
   of gaining heaven 
      with him 
should inspire us to do
   what we know 
      is right. 
For if God raised Jesus
   back to life 
because he was
   devoted to 
      what is right, 
then we should expect.
   that there will 
      come a time 
when God will judge
   all mankind. 
For after Jesus
   was crucified 
He was raised
   from the dead 
      back to life. 
And then he.
   ascended to heaven 
      beyond our sight 
to give the world
   enough time 
to hear the words.
   about his life 
so we could consider it
   and prepare 
      our minds. 
And when all the world
   has heard of Christ 
and has considered it
   and taken sides, 
then the truth of God.
   will come to light, 
and decide
   who will have 
      eternal life. 
For one day Jesus
   will be glorified 
with great splendor
   in the sky. 
And every heart.
   and soul and spirit 
      and mind 
will have to contend
   with that awesome 
And those who trust.
   in Jesus Christ 
will be given as promised
   eternal life. 
But those who cannot.
   stand the sight 
will not be able
   to abide. 
For Jesus
   proved devoted 
      to what is right 
more than anyone else
   who was ever alive. 
So he has.
   earned the right 
      to judge mankind, 
and he will reward us all
   when he is glorified. 
So let us love and honor
   Jesus Christ 
and do what's right
   while there's time. 
Let us help the lost.
   and do what's kind 
so God will welcome us
   into Paradise..

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