Consistency proves God

The Truth Is God



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Chapter 1

The truth is.
   God exists.
And the proof is
  reality has cohesiveness.
For all of reality does.
of all the facts
   that do exist.
And all the facts
   must agree
and coexist in harmony.
If any two facts.
   both exist,
then the first
   will never prove
that the second fact
   is not true.
And if one, true fact.
   proves a second too,
then a third, true fact
   will never prove
that the second fact
   is not true.
But if a fact.
   that is assumed
does not agree
   with what is proved,
then the fact
   that was assumed
is in fact
   not the truth.
Can one thing
  have a measure
  of two different values
    at the same time?
Can two things occupy
  the exact same place
    at one given time?
Two inconsistent facts.
   that do not agree
cannot both exist
If one, true fact
  proves that a second
but a third, true fact
  proves that the second
then all of reality
   has been reduced
to absolute, absurd
For either
  a fact is true,
    or it is false.
It cannot be
   both right and wrong.  1
But if in truth.
   the fact exists,
then it must coexist
   with all the rest
so that all the facts
   agree with it
and nothing contradicts.  2
Yet, if one assumed fact.
   proves a second is true,
then this does not mean
   that we may conclude
that the second fact 
that the first one is true.
The second may be true,.
   though not the first.
Or the second may be
  proved by perhaps a 
But if the first fact
that the second is true,
then this does mean
   that we must conclude 
that if the second is
then the first is false too.  3..
These beginning chapters are an attempt to morph the language of logic into language that uses spiritual terms. The ancient intuitions have a basis in reason. And this book tries to make that clear. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, then try reading the article here. I wanted to provide some rhyme and reason about noble themes. But if these words seem pretentious, try accepting it as a private mediation that I'm sharing with you. Or search the Table of Contents for particular subjects that may interest you.

1. here are some Scriptures that describe principles of logic: 1 John 4:6, 2 Corinthians 1:18, Psalms 52:3, 1 Kings 18:21,  Deuteronomy 30:19, Genesis 3:5, 3:22.

2. The truths of logic were known to the ancient Greek philosophers as far back as 500 BC to such men as Socrates, Aristotle, and Plato.

3. These verses describe the relationship in logic of material implication. Material implication occurs when one statement proves another statement. If one statement proves or implies another, then a true statement can prove a true statement, a false statement can prove a false statement, and even a false statement can prove a true statement. But a true statement cannot prove a false statement. See 1 John 2:21.



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