defining the soul

The Truth Is God



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Chapter 10

Yet the truth.
   will come to light.
And the understanding
   of what is right
is that which ultimately
   will survive. 
So man is a creature.
   with a heart or soul
      or spirit or mind
which is that part of him
   that does decide
what it is
   the facts imply.
His soul is that part.
  which determines for
  him the meaning of life.
His spirit is that
   which understands
   what is wrong from
      what is right.
And in his mind
   he discerns and decides
how he will act
   so he can better
      survive.  13
So his deeds demonstrate.
   what he thinks is right. 
And his behavior proves
   what he believes about
Yet, just as truth
   determines what's right,
God will judge
   the facts of life.
So God will ultimately.
   then decide
who is wrong
   and who is right.
For God will judge.
   all mankind –
every heart, soul,
   spirit, and mind.
And those who live
   by ways that lead
      to further life,
God will declare.
   that they are right.
But those who live
   by causing strife,
God will also
   take their life.
For man was not.
   designed to live forever
      by believing lies.
But man was created
   and designed
to live forever
   by doing right.
So righteousness.
   comes to light
in the things they do
   for a peaceful life.
And love makes our.
   understanding thrive
as we share with others
   our hearts and minds
for the benefit of all

13. With self-awareness comes awareness of one's own actions. We end up having to justify our own behaviour and the choices we make. A soul is something that develops as one interacts with people and problems in his surroundings.



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