Why is there sin and suffering

The Truth Is God



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Chapter 11

But since we haven’t. 
  always known
   what is absolutely right,
we have suffered
   pain and strife.
And because we know.
   that we can die,
we strive to know
   how to stay alive.
And the only reason.
   that we die
is so the Truth of God
   will come to light
as we seek the way to
   eternal life. 
in the course of
   due time,
the Truth itself
   will come to life.
And he will teach us
   what is right
and show us the way
   to eternal life.
For God will be
His righteousness
   will come to light.
His glory will be
until his being
   can no longer
      be denied. 
For logic permits.
   only those facts
      which are right.
And there can be
   nothing more right
than the existence itself
   of God Most High.
So the Truth itself
   will come to life
and become a man
   like all mankind.  14
his Spirit is
   the Truth of God.
His mind always knows
   what is just.
His soul is the
   perfect understanding
      of all wisdom.
And his heart is.
   the purest love. 
He will never be
He will
   always speak the truth.
He will.
   never commit a sin.
For his will itself
   is righteousness.
His life will prove.
   what is absolutely right.
And his deeds
   will demonstrate
      eternal life.
he will proclaim to us
   with power and with
the way to everlasting
He will not cause men
   to suffer and die.
So he will cause
   the healing of many 
He will not deceive men.
   with evil lies.
But he will preach about
He will not threaten,.
   accuse, or
      start evil fights.
But he will provide
   salvation for them.
He will not be.
   haughty or filled with 
But he will be honest
   and faithful to the end.
His love for us
   he will not hide.
And the Truth of God
   he will not deny.
He will uphold the cause.
   of what is right
with all the strength
   in his life.
Nothing will make him.
And he will never
   change his mind.
   his faith in what
      he believes is right
will prove to be
   no pretentious lie.
the love and  
     of his heart and mind
will prove true, faithful,
   real, and alive...

14. I think this is the purpose of Messiah. The Messiah was to be more than a prophet. The ancient prophets prophesied the coming of Messiah as a means to fulfil all the promises of God. It is as though the Messiah was the representative of God himself. John 1:1-14, "...and the Word was God... The Word became flesh..." Also see Note 11 on page 10 and 1 John 5:20. We all regret not being perfect in righteousness which assume it is possible to be perfectly devoted to what is right, which only God can do.
    If anyone wants to argue about this, he should consider that he is admitting in the very process of denying it that here he is, a human being, claiming to state what is right and manifest truth. So of course I expect the Truth of God to be manifest in the flesh.



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