Resurrection proves he is God

The Truth Is God



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Chapter 12

No one can.
   continue to live
by destroying everything
   that does exist.
So when.
   the Truth of God
      comes in the flesh,
He will restore the health
   of many instead.
And God will not.
   come into the world
for the purpose
   of destroying himself.
nothing can
   continue to live
which works to produce
   its very own death.
So if God in fact.
   will forever exist,
then even 
  the fact that he is not
     must prove that he is.
And if his way of life.
   does not produce
  even his death
   will cause him to live.  15
For his life
   will demonstrate
      what is right.
And his deeds will
      eternal life.
And since he is .
   the Word of God
      come in the flesh,
then surely the facts
   will prove to us
that he is.
   loyal to the truth,
that he is
   faithful to what is just,
that he is 
   sincerely devoted
      to righteousness.
All the facts
   about his life
will prove he is devoted
   to what is right.
So even the facts.
   about his death 
would prove he is
   devoted to
For the truth to him
   will be of most
Nothing will be
   as important to him.
Thus the one who is.
   God’s very Word
      made manifest
will prefer the truth
   more than his own
      human flesh.
So he will continue to do
   his righteous acts
no matter what
   the wicked may do.
And he will.
   entrust himself
      into God's hands
as he continues to do
  what God wants him to
And God will be proven.
  faithful and just
    and righteous and true
when he is vindicated
   with life anew. 
For if the truth.
   is to be fully manifested
so that it can no longer
   be argued with,
then even the fact.
   that it's not
      must prove that it is,
then it will forever
   be established as fact.
Thus, when 
   the Word of God
      comes in the flesh,
He must overcome the
   fact that before he 
He must overcome.
   his very own death
so that all can see
   that he will
      forever live. 
And if nothing at all.
   including death
can ever possibly
   overcome him,
then everything.
   including death
will be subject to
   his every whim...

15. There are many founders of religion. But how can we know which one represents the truth? It can be shown in logic that for any statement, p, it is true that p = ~p => p, where p is a proposition, ~ means negation, and => is the symbol for implication or proof. So if someone's life represents the truth, then he will have to rise from the dead to prove it. This is fully explained in the article here.



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