God comes in the flesh

The Truth Is God



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Chapter 13

Nothing exists.
   without cause for it.
And there’s a purpose
   for which
      all things exist.
Yet God is the cause.
   of all that exists,
and the glory of God
   will be the final effect.
For God is.
   the Beginning and the
God is the premise
   on which all things rest,
and God is the
      to be manifested.
And if
   the premise on which
      everything rests
will finally be
   revealed to men,
then the Word of God.
   will come in the flesh
and become a man
   like all the rest. 
Except the cause
   of his existence
will be absolute
And the consequence.
   of his actions
will be the glory of God
   in heaven.
So his origins will come
   directly from God.
And he will return to
   God when he is done.
For he will not
   come into the world
       in the normal sense.
And it won’t be man
   for the birth of his 
So from heaven above.
   will he descend.
For he will be born
   of a virgin.
And when he has.
     his work among men,
and when he has proven
   just what he has said, 
he will then.
   finish his mission
by ascending into
   the highest heaven
which is where
   his origins began.
   his feet will leave
      this lowly planet,
and he will ascend
      as he is leaving it.
For he came from God,.
   and he will return to
by ascending into heaven
   where he came from...




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