Christ will come again

The Truth Is God



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Chapter 14

And he will remain.
   in heaven
where he is not
   seen by men,
until his absence will
   prove a need for him,
then he will come again. 
For when it is.
   completely obvious
that without him
      would cease to exist,
then we will know
   that he must exist
if there is ever to be
   justice on earth again.
For without him
   the world becomes 
until it’s completely ruled
   by wickedness.
Men will rebel.
   against righteousness.
And they will fight
   against all that is good
      and correct.
And when it seems.
   as though
evil is about to be
then God will appear
   unto us
and establish his will
So just as the.
   Truth of God
      must manifest,
the lie of Satan
   will come in the flesh
as the most powerful.
   man to ever exist
that rules by the power
   of deception and sin.
Then, when God appears.
   to the fullest extent,
this man of sin will be
  completely condemned.
For the truth is known.
   for what it is
because it puts an end
   to all deception
just by comparison.  16
And when
   the ultimate Truth
      is finally revealed,
   there shall come
      a great judgment.
For when the Truth.
   is finally made real,
what men do to others
  will be done unto them. 
Their deeds will prove.
   what they expect from
and they will live,
   or they will die.
For when God appears
   in heaven,
he will expose
   the inner motives of
Their intentions.
   will be made evident.
What they have
   come to expect
will be given to 
And they shall receive.
   as a consequence
their ultimate reward
   or punishment.
God Most High
   will judge mankind -
every heart, soul, spirit,
   and mind.
He will see
   what you have inside.
And no one will be able.
   to escape his eye. 
And in the end
   it will all be right –
the wicked will die,
   the righteous will shine,
and God in heaven
    will be Most High...



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