God decides what's right

The Truth Is God



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Chapter 15

when the ultimate truth
   finally decides,
then either
   a fact is wrong
      or it is right.
It cannot be.
   both wrong and right.
But a fact is true
   or it’s a lie.
Yet God is Truth
   and truth decides
which facts are true
   and which are lies.
And the most basic fact.
   that you believe in life
is either wrong
   or it is right.
Your beliefs support
   your further life,
or they produce
   your own demise.
And so when God is 
   finally glorified,
when the Truth
   ultimately comes to
He will fully then
who is wrong
   from who is right.
And there shall come.
   a great divide
between those who are 
   wrong from those
      who are right.
For those who love God.
   shall be glorified.
But those who hate God
   shall be condemned
      to die.
For either God is here
   or he is not.
And his presence
   does make
       all the difference. 
So God will appear.
   all at once.
And his presence will
   cause the great
God will demonstrate
   to all mankind
the difference between
   wrong and right.
Then God will be.
The Truth will
      come to light.
Reason will become.
   very bright,
until the cause
  of all things
     is completely realized...




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