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The Truth Is God



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Chapter 16

And the ultimate cause.
   of all that exists
must manifest
   to such an extent
that there will come
   a new creation again, 
and the end will become
   a new beginning
For there shall come
   a new heaven and 
And it will be
   perfect from the first.
It will be.
   a completely new 
It will be totally free
   of any curse.  17 
For the coming of God.
   to live with us
is the promise that
   heaven too
      will be manifested.
For we know.
   that in the end
the ultimate cause
   must have its effect,
and God will dwell
   in heaven.
Thus, when all is known
   to completion,
then the perfection of
      will finally come. 
For heaven is built.
   on complete
which can only
   be revealed by God
by his appearing
   to us.  18..

17. See Isaiah 65:17-18, Revelation 21.

18. The theory is that there is a reason for everything, and so the purpose of reality is to demonstrate what is logical. Logic only proves what is true or false. So we should ultimately expect two states to be manifested in reality to represent the states of true and false. We can call these states heaven and hell. People represent propositions, which is evident because people fight over statements of faith and stake their lives on what they believe. God represents truth and the devil represents falsehood. God plays the role of logic, so that the Last Judgment of all mankind fulfills the role of logic which decides what is true or false. See the Article “How Do You Define God” in the back.



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