Ignorance inspires sin

The Truth Is God



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Chapter 17

where is the God
   of righteousness now?
And where can the
   glory of heaven be
Is this world filled
   with righteousness?
Does this world
   glorify God to the
      greatest extent? 
Then what is still missing?.
   And what do we lack?
And how shall we fill
   and satisfy that?
Early on
   in human life
people gain knowledge
   of pleasure and strife.
They suffer pain;.
   they enjoy delight,
and they prefer, 
   of course,
      the pleasures of life.
They see the results.
   of honor and shame,
and they prefer the glory,
   honor, pleasure, and
Even when there’s.
   neither good nor bad,
they still prefer
   the pleasure instead.
And even more.
   than tranquil rest, 
they still prefer
   what’s glorious.
They’re not content.
   to simply exist.
And to merely rest
   is not sufficient for
       them.  19
Even more than.
   serenity itself
they want
   glory, honor, pleasure,
      and wealth.
Yet what is wrong.
   with tranquility?
Why forsake peace and
From nothing we gain
   some glory, honor,
   or some fame, or
But the gaining of it
   only rewards
      a desire for more,
until nothing anymore.
   ever satisfies,
and we struggle in vain
   to even survive. 
We are tempted.
   by the very premise
that the ultimate state
   of heavenly bliss
has not been achieved
   or accomplished yet.
And the subtle fact.
   that there is something
      we still lack
inspires us to want more
   than what we have.
So we try to reach.
   the highest extreme
in order to satisfy
   our deepest need.
And it seems we will try
to fulfill our greatest



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