Origin of sin

The Truth Is God



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Chapter 18

people disregard
   the blessings they have
so they can
  strive to gain even more
     than that. 
They’re not content.
   with what they have
because they think
   there’s something
      they still lack.
They forsake their rest.
  and their peace of mind
just to struggle for
  the pleasures they desire.
They magnify the need.
   for what they want,
and they
   exaggerate the anguish
      of their lust for it.
And this they do.
   so that when they
      finally get it,
they can imagine
   that it fully satisfies
what are they without
   that they should
      want more?
Have they gained
   nothing of value at all
What of the blessings.
   they already have? 
What’s wrong with that;
   is it so bad
that they should desire
   even more?
Then how do they justify.
   this need
that they desire
   with such greed?
Just how great
   is their lack?
How immense.
   is their emptiness?
Do they even stop
   to consider that?
Or is their need
They act as though
   they will surely die
if they go without
   what they like.
And they cry for it.
   as though in utter
as though without it 
   they can't survive?  20..

20. See 1 Peter 2:11.



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