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The Truth Is God



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Chapter 19

Yet, Satan is the very fact.
that the full extent
   of heavenly bliss
is something you have
   not experienced.
He is the knowledge that.
   there is something
that you completely
He says you have.
   a lack to fill,
until you struggle
   to be full.
He says you have
   a dire need,
until you are completely
   filled with greed.
He will never be
with how much glory
   you can get.
And no amount
  of goods you have
  will ever make him quit.
He says you've not.
   achieved it yet. 
He says you've not
   accomplished it.
He only points.
   to what you lack.
And he shows contempt
   for all you have,
until it’s obvious
  that he is accusing you
  and making threats.
But why listen
   to this idea that
we have not gained
   the ultimate?
Is he an angel.
   of holy light
that inspires us to reach
   for the greatest heights?
Is he responsible.
   for all you’ve gained?
Does he sustain
   our lives?
The only thing we need
   to complete our
is to know that God
   our Savior lives
and to know that he
   has strength. 
For if our Savior God.
   is very strong
and also loves us
   very much,
then there is nothing
   that can destroy us,
so we know that we
   will live.
Thus, Satan is the fact
   that you have not seen
      God in heaven yet –
you’ve not seen
   the love
      that he can give,
you’ve not seen
   how strong that he is.  21
Thus, Satan blasphemes.
For he says that
   God is not glorious.
He says that God
   does not exist.
      Or else,
he says that God.
   has no strength to help.
He says
   that God does not
      do what’s just.
He says.
  that God does not even
     care for us.
He says
   that you have
      sinned too much.
Or he says.
   that your faith in God
      is not enough.
So he leads the world
   into utter darkness,
and he compels them to
   sin out of ignorance...

21. See 3 John 11.



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