The devil will be manifest

The Truth Is God



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Chapter 20

Yet, how can he justify. 
   this desire for more
   no matter how much
      there is?
What inspires
  this contempt he has
     for all that does exist?
What great lack is there.
   that he’s so sure
Why does he say
   that this emptiness
     is so terribly immense? 
Is this his perception.
   of what truly is?
Is this what he expects
to one day be his 
This desire for glory
   is an admission of
This lust for pleasure
   is a cry of pain.
For who desires.
   what he has already
Who longs for what
   he has obtained?
When God himself.
   finally appears,
then Satan will be 
   destroyed forever.

For one moment
   he will not be here.
Then the next moment
   God will appear.
Then everything implied.
   by his absence from
will totally and
      disappear.  22 
For either.
   a fact is true or it is
Either God exists
   or he does not.
So when God.
   is finally made manifest,
the fact that he’s not
   will dramatically end.
For when the Truth.
   is finally revealed
      to us,
the lie will become
But has God appeared
   to the fullest extent?
Does his glory now exist
   beyond argument?
Yet God will manifest
   to the fullest extent
in spite of the fact
   that before he wasn’t.
And God himself
   will so completely
      prove false
this fact that suggests
   that he is not, 
that before God is.
      to the fullest extent,
Satan himself
   will come in the flesh.
For God will so.
   dramatically make it
that the fact
   he’s not here
      has come to an end,
that Satan himself.
   must come in the flesh
so he can be destroyed
   when God appears
      to him.
For if to suppose.
   that he’s not
   must even prove that
      God is,
then Satan must live
   before he can
      come to an end...

22. See 1 John 3:8.



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