Nature of the beast

The Truth Is God



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Chapter 21

And this son of hell.
  is the complete opposite
of the true and faithful
   Son of God.  23  
He will rise to fame
   through deception
instead of through being
And his efforts will cause.
   great fear and
instead of removing all
And though he gain.
   great honor, wealth,
      and fame,
it will only serve
   to prove his shame.
For on lies and deception.
  will his honor be based.
And by threats and
   will his power be
He will promise
   great and mighty and
      marvelous things
to those on earth
   who worship him.
He will promise.
   land and wealth and
      power and prestige, 
until they can
  feel the anguish
    of their lust and greed,
until they can.
  feel the despair
    of their hate and envy,
until the emptiness
   of their vanity
has driven them all
Yet will he escape
   such an evil fate
when he is so filled
   with pride and conceit?
He will exalt himself
   as much as he can.
And with very great.
     he will zealously brag.
He will say that
   he is the best,
which is to blindly accuse
   all the rest.  24 
But all his efforts.
   will only prove in the
that he has nothing
   but shame and
For if he feels the need.
   to boast like this,
then he admits
   that his glory
      is not so obvious.
And why should we
that these things
   will happen?
And why should we think
   that this will all
      come to pass?
The simple fact is.
   that God has not yet
been glorified
   to the fullest extent
before the eyes
   of all nations.
So people suffer as a.
of doubt, fear, and
And what else is implied
   by thinking God is not
except someone else
   might think he is God.
So the man of sin
   will rule by the gun. 
And the right he will
      to rule everyone
is that God himself
   has not come
to save anyone
  from this destruction...



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