Truth destroys lies

The Truth Is God



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Chapter 22

the Truth will be
      from what is false
so it can be shown
   what God truly is
      from what he is not.
And the cause of all.
      will manifest
including the cause
   of wickedness.
And it will be.
   just as much obvious
      who leads men astray
as it is obvious
   who shows them the
But the glory of.
   the true Son of God
will put to shame
   the son of Satan.
And when the
  Vision of God
   is made perfectly plain,
then the man of sin
   shall be put into flames.
For when God himself.
   finally appears,
then the fact that he’s 
   not will disappear.
And when the glory of
   God is complete,
then Satan will suffer
   total defeat...




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