Mind discerns truth from lies

The Truth Is God



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Chapter 23

But now as for you,.
   what will you do?
And what exactly
   do your efforts prove?
You have a mind
   with which to decide
what is wrong
   from what is right.
So tell me then.
   if you think you’re so
what conclusions
   have you made about
Tell me then,.
   since you have a mind
with which you deduce
   the truth from a lie,
what in the world.
   are you going to
And how can you
  be so sure you are
   right?  25
You cannot measure
   everything there is
      in all reality.
You cannot measure
  even one thing
   with absolute accuracy.
So what do you know.
   with no doubt in your
And what in the world
   can you be truly sure
If there is anything at all.
   that you can be sure of,
then you know
   you have a mind
   that discerns and
so that you are subject
   to being judged
      as wrong or right.
Or can you deduce
   or prove or surmise
that there is nothing at all
   that you can decide?
But that’s a.
  contradiction that defies
the very notion
  that you cannot decide.
For that in itself.
   is a decision of mind
which proves to you
   that your soul is alive.
So you cannot surmise.
   that you have no mind,
and you must contend
   with all the facts
      in your life. 
For the mind is that.
   which discerns and
what are the facts
   and what they imply.
And all the things.
   that you perceive in life
form the basis
   on what you decide.
And everything.
   that you decide
must also have
   its effect on your life.
For if all your decisions.
   had no effect,
then there would
   be no proof
      that your spirit exists.
But since you know.
   that you exist,
you know your decisions
   have consequences.
For the only reason.
   you even bother to
      make decisions in life
is so the intended result
   will have the effect
      that you like.
For you know that you.
   must abide 
by all the effects
   that your decisions
So all the plans.
   that you design
do effect your fate
   in life.
And the ultimate thing
   that you decide
is the final state
   in which you abide...

25. In chapters 23-26, I'm trying to show that it is inescapable that you have a soul, that you are responsible for what you think and do, and that you will be held accountable for your actions.



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