Decisions based on faith

The Truth Is God



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Chapter 26

There is here,.
   and there is now.
There is you,
   and there is how
you coexist
   with everything else 
   that you see all around.
All that matters.
   are the decisions you
All that’s relevant
   are the steps that you
For everything.
   that you do and say
will ultimately dictate
   your final fate.
You must decide
   the facts of life.
There is no escape.
   or place to hide.
For if you will not decide
on the most relevant
      of your own life,
then there is nothing left.
   to discuss.
Your life has no more
Your existence.
   has become
And your soul has
   become useless.
Reality is equivalent
  to your perception of it. 
For one always proves
   the other exists.
What has no effect
   does not exist.
What cannot be proved.
   is irrelevant.
But all that you can
   truly expect
is that if there’s a cause,
   then there will be an
And all that you can.
is that the present
   will lead to future
For if the future had no
   effect on us,
if we cannot experience
   the consequences,
then there would be.
   no reason to make
and all your concerns
   would be meaningless.
And so the implication.
   of all decisions
is that the future
   will ultimately be
And the only reason.
   to make conclusions
is to affect your life
   in a future sense.
For nothing you do.
   can change the past.
And none of your deeds
   can even change
      the present facts.
But all of your deeds.
   are done for its
      future effect,
which assumes, of course,
   that the future
   is something
      you will experience.
So how can you say.
   you will not perceive
      the consequences
of your faith, your deeds
   and your actions?..




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