Faith motivates deeds

The Truth Is God



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Chapter 27

No one does anything. 
   for no reason at all.
There’s always a reason
   for what you do in the
So why do you do.
   the things you do?
And what else
   do your deeds
      prove about you?
On what do you base.
   your decisions to act?
What is it that you are
   so sure is true
that you act on it
   with such resolve and
Does your perception.
   of things
automatically determine
   what your actions will
Do you act.
  simply because you see?
You can consider
   an alternative course
      of action.
You can understand
  the implications of your
And by the strength.
   of determination,
you can do
   as you would please.  29 
You do interact.
  with what you perceive.
And you act
   in accordance with 
   what you understand
      the facts to be.
So your deeds.
   are the proof
      of what you believe.
And your faith is
   plain to see.
We live in a world
   of cause and effect.
Logic determines
   what will exist.
We cannot change
   the present or past.
But we do things.
   for its future effect.
So what we choose
   to believe that the facts
motivates the deeds.
   that we commit
in order to put into
the fate that we prefer 
So our thoughts,.
  and words, and the way
     we behave
is proof of what we
   ultimately anticipate.
So the faithful forsake
  pride, presumption, and
They abandon vain
   conceit and prejudice.
For without the.
   presumption of pride
      and conceit,
they can understand the
   truth more easily.
They deny sinful lusts
   and repent of all greed
because they
   expect that one day
      they will achieve
a firm and sure,.
   everlasting peace
just as they had
   come to believe.
They do not deny
   what can be proved.
But they humble
   themselves and submit
      to the truth. 
They search their hearts.
   and examine their souls
for the ways that will
   best accomplish their
With quiet meditation.
   and careful
they search for the truth
   that they can fully
      trust in.
And the discovery.
   of the truth
is a revelation of
   good news
that satisfies their souls
with the knowledge
   that their spirits
      long to know...

29. See James 2:18.



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