Righteous faith

The Truth Is God



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Chapter 28

Through persistence.
   they gain confidence.
Through patience
   they gain success.
Their humility produces
And their repentance.
   brings forth joy in the
And if their
   repentance, humility,
      and perseverance
should finally serve.
   to bring them peace,
then their peace
   has a firm foundation
that will last forever
   and eternity.
So they honor the
  sincerity and faithfulness
of those who are
   devoted to
For they delight in.
   believing that
God will one day
   vindicate them.
They take comfort and
in the hope of a
For they believe that if.
  there is ever going to be
     any justice again,
then God has the power
   to raise the dead.
Even if they themselves
   are not up to the task, 
they believe that God
   is still able to fulfill
      righteousness – 
that he will prove.
   himself faithful in 
      love and kindness
so they may rightly and
   justly worship him.
For they are
   filled with love 
      for faithfulness.
And so the faithful
   seek wisdom and the
      truth of all this,
and they delight in doing
   what they know
      is correct.
Their deeds.
   are the only course
      of action to take
assuming they will
   go to heaven.
They do unto others
   what they would have
      done unto them.
For God is God,
   men are men,
and you’re just as human
   as the rest of them. 
What you do unto others.
   will be done unto you.
For you say it’s right
   for someone to do
to other humans
   which includes even
So the faithful show.
  mercy to those who are
For they know they too
  want to be treated
They are generous and.
   kind and give of
For they believe
   that they will
      always be so well
that they can afford to
   give to someone else.
They are willing to.
  forgive and be merciful.
For they believe
   that eventually
   no harm against them
      will ever prevail.
So they are determined,
   courageous, and brave. 
For they truly expect
   to prevail someday.
They have no.
   terrifying fear of death.
For if death should
   force them to face the
they know that
   their souls
      will finally find rest.
Thus, they have.
   peace in their hearts,
      and they are content.
For no one can ever
   take from them
the treasure of the
   knowledge and joy
      they have.
For they fully expect,.
   whether alive or dead,
that they will
   one day attain
      heavenly bliss.
And this is their




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