Diamonds and bombs

The Truth Is God



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Chapter 3

Consider how.
   a diamond is formed.
Through much pressure
   and heat
      its splendor is born.
So if it takes.
  all the destructive forces
     of earth
to create a diamond
   out of the dirt,
then a diamond.
   cannot be destroyed
and this is the meaning
  of its beauty and worth.
if the careful construction
   of a bomb
is the very cause
   of its destruction,
then it can never be.
   constructed again,
and its destruction is
   complete instead.
If one fact proves
   a second,
   and the second
      proves a third,
then we may conclude.
   that the third is true
   simply because of the
And since all the facts.
   must coexist,
any one of them
   will prove the rest.
And if a fact
   that is assumed
does not disprove reality,
then we may conclude.
   that the fact is true
and can be used
   to prove everything.
The future
   cannot disprove the
nor be inconsistent
   with the present facts.
The first facts.
   are implied by the last,
and the last are implied
   by the very first facts.
The effect.
   will prove that there is
      a cause,
and the cause
   will surely have its
For just as the past.
   has produced the
the present will produce
   the future facts.
Thus all the facts.
   exist as one.
And nothing will change	                        
   what is to come.  5..

5. We make plans because we believe that certain actions have consequences. So we try to engineer those actions to achieve the goals we desire. But this requires faith that reality respects the premise-conclusion relationship of logic, the premise being our actions, the conclusion being the goals. It is also this faith in consequences that drives some to predict events of religious importance and ultimate purpose. And this faith also causes some to believe in a destiny or fate. See for example, Psalm 49:14, Jeremiah 43:11, 1 Corinthians 2:7, Ephesians 1:11.



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