Justifying evil deeds

The Truth Is God



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Chapter 31

But no one wants.
   to think
     that they will go to hell.
For then
   he would get no honor
      from anyone else.
So the wicked.
   justify their evil deeds.
And they
   defend their right
      to do as they please. 
They say they have.
   just cause
   for doing what is
And they indulge their
   vain delusions
      all day long.
For they like to imagine
   that they are
      important and great.
And they love to pretend
  that they are
     righteous and brave.
And they like to dream.
   that they are
   holy and noble
      and worthy of praise.
For they are
   living their lives
      for selfish gain.
So each
  defends his honor
  with every ounce of his 
Each declares his own.
   each protects his own
They cannot afford.
   the slightest dishonor
      to them.
And they cry for justice
   at the smallest offense.
For they fear.
   that if they forgive
      just one,
then everyone else
   will try to get away
      with it.
So they fight
   for honor and praise.
And they kill
   for glory and fame.
And they destroy anyone
   who gets in their way.
For the only reward.
   they expect to gain
is right now in this life
   while they have
And if they cannot.
   get their own way
to the greatest extent
   that can be made,
then they would rather
   die and start suffering
For the only alternative.
   that they know besides
the delusions of grandeur
   in this life
is to go without.
   and suffer and die
and to burn forever
   in the eternal flames.
So their hearts
   are full of hatred.
They do violence and
And their mouths speak
  obscenity and deception
     to the very bitter end.
But their enemies
   are those
   who have something
      they wish.
And they accuse their.
   victims so they can
      take it from them.
They say their.
   victims indulge
      in conceited pretense.
And they say their
   victims are greedy 
They say their.
   victims deserve 
And they think
   themselves just as they 
      inflict it on them...




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