Standards of Judgment

The Truth Is God



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Chapter 32

But the wicked.
  do not even explain 
when making their
They apply no.
   reliable standards of 
when reaching
   their verdicts.
They don’t even bother.
   to state their reasons
for finding of
    guilt or innocence.
And they do not listen.
   to any appeals
   even when they are
But they impose their will.
   with violent threats. 
And so they perpetuate
   the fear of death.
They gain their
   confidence from the 
      force they have.
And they think.
   themselves right
   because others fear
But what they.
   do unto others will be 
      done unto them.
They perpetuate
   the fear of death.
Death will perpetuate.
   fear in them.
They impose their will
   with viciousness.
And they force their way
   with great vengeance.
But the reason.
   they think you should
      fear their threats
is because the
   fear of death is what 
      motivates them.
What right do they have
   to accuse and blame?
What’s stopping them
   from doing the same?
Why are they.
   in such an angry rage?
And who is it
   that they really hate?
God alone is responsible
   for everything
      you get out of life.
God alone decides
  everything that happens
     in your life.
They want you to think
   that they are serving 
   justice with all their 
as they cry for vengeance
   and prepare to fight.
But the truth is.
   they really hate God
   for not getting
      enough out of life.
They really hate God.
   for not being quick 
   with the reward
      that they like. 
They really hate God.
   for letting bad things
      happen in their life.
And they really hate God.
   and everyone else
   for not letting them do
      as they would like.
They want you to sin,
   and they love it that 
because it gives them
   permission to do
      the same.
Or they want you to sin.
   and not do as you 
so they can play the hero
  for the reward that they
What’s the most 
  compelling reason they 
    for doing what’s right?
What’s stopping them.
  from committing such 
If it’s because.
   others with swords
      might take their life,
then that's who they hate
   for not letting them do
      as they would like...




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