Sufficient Evidence

The Truth Is God



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Chapter 33

They call people.
   evil names.
And they refuse to
   believe that people can 
For they know.
  no compelling reason
  for doing what’s right
     even in the first place.
Did you see the accused
   commit the sin?
Then what right do you
      to inflict punishment?
How can you know.
   that they truly did it?
And what evidence
   should you consider
      as sufficient? 
If physical evidence.
   of the crime exists
that proves that the 
      committed the sin,
then this does prove.
   that the accused did it,
and what he has
   done unto others
   should be done unto 
But if the evidence.
   could easily be 
or if the test of the proof
   is not conclusive,
then there is room.
   for serious questions,
and the accused person
   should not be 
      condemned by men.
Or if a second person
   should come in
after being held in 
   sequester until then,
and if he should testify.
   to the same things as 
      the first witness
without simply 
   responding to leading 
then this would confirm.
   the accusations
since the second
   could not know
      the same as the first
unless of course
   he witnessed it.
But how can you know
   if the charges are true
if only the
   words of one person
      are offered as proof?
Can you.
   read someone’s mind
      when he testifies
that you can
  know for sure
    if they are telling a lie?
Then how can you know.
   the truth from a lie
if only one person 
Are you a liar yourself.
   that you recognize
how someone responds
   when he is telling a lie?
Or do you associate.
   with others who lie
that you know
   by their response 
   if what they say is 
      right?  30
Then what kind of 
      proves that they lie?
Or what kind of response
   proves they are right?
State for the record.
   once for all time
how a credible response
   is defined.
Do they laugh,.
   do they cry,
when they
   speak the truth
      or tell a lie?
Perhaps you can tell.
   if they are confident.
Or perhaps you can tell
   if they are hesitant.
Or perhaps you can tell.
   if they’re telling a lie
if they
   shrug their shoulders
      or wink an eye.
How do you know
   there are not other 
   for the way they 
as they testify
   and make their claims?
Or how do you know.
   they’re not
      acting that way
in order to make you
   believe what they say?
How can you know.
   that the lying response
      of one person
would be the
   same kind of response
      as a different person?
Or how can you know.
   that the response
   they would give
       to one question
would be the same kind 
   of response
   as for a different



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