Arrogant Rulers

The Truth Is God



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Chapter 35

But the arrogant.
   like to think they’re
      so noble that
people should
   get their weapons and
      take revenge
only on the basis
   of their word for it.
Yet, are they so righteous.
   that they cannot lie?
Are they so noble
   that they are always 
That’s what they.
   would like us to think
      of them.
But what should you 
Since they love to brag.
for all the
   reward and honor
      they can get,
of course they want you.
   to accept
nothing but their
   word for it.
But if you do not accept
   what they say,
they get angry
   and begin to hate.
For the way they show.
   that they’re sincere
is to show how zealously
   they can swear.
So the only reason
   others accept
nothing but their
   word for it
is not because.
   they know it's
but simply because
   they are afraid of them.
Such people will submit.
   to anything that
      the arrogant say 
because they fear
   the whip, the sword, 
      and the grave.
So the only thing they. 
   prove as they obey
is that they are
   miserable cowards
      who are afraid.
They are too frightened.
   to say anything against
pride, arrogance, and
So they conform to.
   whatever prejudice
      is prevalent.
And because they refuse.
   to act against
they perpetuate it 
So bigotry and hatred.
   continues to spread
because they are all so
   terribly afraid of death...




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