What is Death

The Truth Is God



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Chapter 36

And what is death.
   that it cause such fear
      in men?
Death is the end
   of your contention
      in the flesh.
Death is the end.
   of all your illusions.
Death is the end
   of your complacence.
And death is the end.
   of irrelevance.
For death is the final
Death is the ultimate
You are reduced at death
   to your very essence.
All outward appearances
   fade away.
All distractions terminate..
Every pretense dissipates
as you meet the truth
   of your ultimate fate.
There is no escape;
   you cannot hide.
The ultimate issue.
   cannot be denied. 
For once you die
   it’s time to decide
how you will now
   forever abide.  31
Your inner thoughts
   will be exposed;
your spirit will be
   laid bare.
What you are in truth
   will be made known,
and you will live with it.
The end will be
   what you truly expect
when you come to
   the final judgment.
For the ultimate. 
   conclusion of your life 
      will stem
from the very basis
   of your spirit.
The first thing that
   happens after death
is that you discover
   that you still exist –
that you exist.
   apart from the flesh.
For you have an
  out of body experience. 
Then, since death itself.
   is not the end,
you begin to wonder
   what will happen next.
But there is no help.
   from those who live.
Your answers must come
   from your soul within.
You must search your .
   heart, your mind, and 
      your spirit.
For you are left alone
   with your thoughts 
But you want to know
   the meaning of this.
And you want to know
   what to do next.
So you search.
   the recesses 
      of your consciousness
to try to discern
   the final consequence.
And as you first.
   encounter your 
it’s like traveling through
   utter darkness...

31. See Hebrews 9:27.



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