Tunnel of light

The Truth Is God



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Chapter 37

What is. 
   the most relevant issue
What truth
   must ultimately be
      contended with?
If your spirit exists.
   after death,
then what rules
   govern your 
And what reality
   absolutely must exist?
But the question implies
   that the truth exists,
since you search,
   there is something
      you expect.
And so as you begin.
   to comprehend,
there comes a
And as you start.
   to understand,
a light begins to fill
   your consciousness.
And as you come
   to the ultimate Truth,
you are taken into.
   God’s presence.
For God is the premise
   on which everything 
The truth is revealed
   in his presence.
So when you are reduced
   at death
to the core of your
   very essence,
you finally meet God
   in an awesome vision.
For it is God.
   who is responsible
      for your perception.
It is God
  who is the cause
     of your consciousness.
If you know that you.
   can comprehend,
then you know
   that in a more general 
that the Truth itself.
   does exist
and that the Truth exists
  in human consciousness.
And if you know.
   that you exist after 
then you know you must.
   contend with the 
      general concept
of the one who forever 
even though
   once he was dead.
if you accept the truth
   that he is blessed,
then you also
   will be content.
But if you cannot accept.
   the truth of him,
then neither will you
   be content.
For in the
   final accounting,
   at the Great Judgment,
either you will
   live with God,
or you will not..
Either your life is proof
   that you will live,
or your actions produce
   your very own death...




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