Judgment of souls

The Truth Is God



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Chapter 38

And how will you know. 
   if you will live?
And how will you know
   if you will enter 
How will you forever.
And what is the basis
   of the final judgment?
When you come to.
   the final decision,
your life is reduced
   to a single statement.
And when you 
   see your life reduced
       to a single premise,
your life will.
   flash before your eyes.
You will see everything
   that you ever did
appear before you
   in a single moment.
For your whole life.
   will be summed up
      in a single event
when you come at last
   to the final judgment. 
You will know.
   that you still exist.
And you will know
   what you represent.
For your life.
   will be exhibited
      in God’s presence.
And your fate
   will be set
   by how you treated
When your life
   is reduced at death
to the very essence
   from which you stem,
you finally come.
   to those realities
that you are most sure
   must exist.
And so,.
it will seem to you
   that the things
      you know then
you will know without
   doubt in your spirit.
And it will seem.
   that your experience
will be more vivid, real,
   and intense
than anything else
   you have ever known
      in the flesh.
For everything that you
is a reflection
   of what you believe.
And everything you see.
represents your
  understanding of things.
Reality constructs forms.
   in order to give a 
to the comprehension
  that exists in your spirit.
For if you can.
   never make a specific 
      reference to it,
then the subject becomes
So if the subject.
   does exist,
then it must have a form
   to give reference to it.
So there will be a body
   to give reference
      to the soul.
And there will be.
   things to see
to represent the things
   you know...




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