Life after death

The Truth Is God



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Chapter 39

The righteous soul.
   when at death
finally reaches
   its place of rest,
will find joy, peace,.
   and happiness,
and the end of all
   distress –
no more sorrow,.
   no more pain,
no more confusion, fear,
   or anguish.
Everything that you.
will accommodate your
And everything that you
   hear and see
will only be
   pleasant things.  32
You can have the .
   answers to whatever
   questions you may
The truth will be.
   revealed to you,
and it will prove
   that you will live. 
And when God.
  is finally manifested
     to the greatest extent,
you will live.
   as surely as your God
For you will rise again.
But those who die
   apart from God
will find themselves
   alone to rot.
No more pleasure,.
   no more fun,
they will go without
   the things they love.
They will not know a .
    except insane torment.
And the pain will grow
   ever more intense.
Every moment that they.
will be a vision of
For they lived their lives.
  for all the pride and
   pleasure they could get.
So now that it’s gone.
   away from them, 
they will suffer want
   and feel the torment
of their ever increasing
They have rejected God.
   and any hope
      of eternal bliss.
So when God is finally.
complete rejection
   will be all they get...



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