What all facts prove

The Truth Is God



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Chapter 4

So then,.
what will the ultimate
   conclusion be?
What is the end result
   of everything?
What is the absolute and.
   final truth?
And what will all the
   facts together prove?
Reality will finally.
and all the facts
   will together prove
that the ultimate premise
   on which everything
will finally become
The truth will be.
Nothing will be
The cause of all things
   will manifest,
the Creator himself
   is revealed.  6
But what is the ultimate
   cause of all things?
What determines
   what the facts will be?
What demonstrates.
And what proves the
   justice of everything
      you see? 
What is it that proves?.
   What demonstrates?
What determines the 
   truth and substantiates?
It is logic that proves.
It is reason that rules..
It is righteousness
  that establishes
     the facts that are true.
For without logic.
   can nothing be proved.
Without the truth
   is nothing deduced.
And without reason.
   governing everything,
nothing can be
    produced.  7..

6. We can define reality to be a conjunction of all the facts that exist. For at least we can say this exists and that exists and this and that all co-exist together. And in logic a conjunction can be expressed in terms of implication. If two facts exist in conjunction, then one proves the other, and the other proves the one. So one fact produces them all and all facts produces the one. I find this principle at work in proverbs such as an eye for an eye, do unto others as you'd have them do unto you, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, the final theory will explain creation, etc.

7. here I'm saying that logic is more than a human language to keep track of true and false propositions. I'm using the word logic to describe an overall principle in nature that keeps all the facts in reality consistent with each other.



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