Summary of the Gospel

The Truth Is God



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Chapter 40

But this is a world.
   of confusion and fear.
And the ways of life
   seem obscure.
So how can we think.
   that we could live 
when it seems nothing
   on earth will endure?
It takes more than.
   mere words
to convince us of truth
   and make us feel sure.
So whose life is the proof
   that proves the truth 
And is there anyone.
   in all the history of 
from whose life
   we can possibly learn?
If you seek the truth.
   and try to discern,
then take a moment
   to now consider:
Jesus continued
  to speak the truth
   even in spite of threats. 
And he helped the poor
   when they were sore
even though
   it meant his death.
He took up the cause.
   of the poor and 
And he defended us
   against the arrogant,
until he suffered.
   for the cause of love,
and he proved
   sincerely devoted
      to righteousness
when they captured.
   and afflicted him
for publicly
   rebuking them.
his death only served
   to prove his love.
And God rewards those
   who love what's just.
So God raised him.
   from the dead.
And he ascended
   into heaven
where he is now
   forever blessed.  33..



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