Baptized and fasted

The Truth Is God



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Chapter 41

But how did this.
   come about
      you may ask?
And what is the
   meaning of all this?
His coming was predicted
   long before his birth.
And the events of his life
   were foretold
even before he walked
   on earth.
For his life was to be.
   the perfect expression
      of righteousness.
And the purpose of
   his life was to be
   devoted to truth and 
And the prophets of old.
   desired so
to see righteousness itself
that they knew one day
   he would come to life
and become a human
   like the rest of us.
how could we have 
   when he finally had 
that he was indeed
   the chosen one?
What sign was there then.
   for us to believe
that he is indeed
   God's only Son?
many would like to think
that they are themselves
   the highest example
      of righteousness.
But a man of virtue.
   does not come
declaring his own glory
   to us.
For that would only be.
   to admit
that his glory is not so 
So God sent John the
to make God's Son
   known to us.
And John testified
   to what he saw, 
"The Spirit of God.
   has come on him."
And a voice from 
   heaven said,
   "This is my Son
      whom I love."  34
Yet what would you do
   if God praised you?
Would you
   say with pride
      "Yes this is true"?
Or would you say.
   that God has lied?
Are you so sure
   that you can fulfill
the highest of God's.
   expectations of you?
Or would you deny
   the request 
   that God made of you?
his modesty was tested,
   and his humility was 
For the devil
   tempted him
      to act in pride.
So he shied away.
   to the desert to pray. 
And he humbled himself
   and fasted and prayed
forty nights
   and forty days.  35..



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