Jesus preached in faithfulness

The Truth Is God



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Chapter 42

For his destiny was.
      from the start.
And his fate was foretold
   by the prophet John,
"Behold the Lamb of God
  who takes away
    the sin of the world".  36
Yet he did not deny
  the calling
    that was given to him.
He made himself
And he let himself.
   be known to us.
He presented himself
   in faithfulness.
And he fulfilled
   the purpose that God 
      had for him.
His manner
   was unpretentious.
His intentions were 
He practiced
   no deception.
For his faith in God
   is pure.
He spoke the truth.
   with confidence.
For he was totally 
that his faith would have
   a good effect
to help all those who 
He did not stutter;
   he did not stammer.
There was no hesitation
   in his voice.
He did not worry, fret,.
   or despair.
And he showed
   no signs of fear
      when he spoke.  37 
For he.
   never did anything
      to be ashamed of.
There was no evil in him
   to hide.
He had no reason.
   to deceive us,
no motive for him
   to lie.
His intention was to 
   glorify God.
His ambition was to 
   honor the truth.
His desire was to magnify.
   faith and love
so that his coming
   would help even you.
He rejoiced
   in understanding.
His pleasure
   was to help the poor.
Love is what inspired.
The joy of salvation
   was his reward. 
He had no desire.
   to spend his strength
   on what is by nature 
It was not his intent
   to waste his time
   on worthless, temporal 
He was not devoted.
   to futility.
And his efforts
   would not be all for 
the cause he espoused
   was eternal life
   and not some selfish 
His faith was in.
   the truth of life
and not in some evil

36. See John 1:29.

37. See Luke 4:22.



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