Jesus promises hope

The Truth Is God



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Chapter 43

he promised the poor
   an everlasting reward
if only they would
   believe it's true. 
He gave them the hope.
   of eternal joy
if their faith
   they would only hang 
      on to.  38
To those who were.
    ashamed of their sin,
he promised they would
   be forgiven.  39
He promised they would.
   live forever with him
if only they believe
   this good news.
For how can you have
   peace of mind
if you expect to 
   eventually die?
What joy of heart.
   can make you glad
if you are ultimately 
   expecting something 
What hope can you have.
   of future rest
if you are only looking
   at your coming death?
Why should you care,.
   and what love can you 
if you know one day
   you will go down 
Yet Jesus did not fear
   the condemnation of 
For he felt no guilt
   from sin.
He could only share.
   his salvation,
for he had much peace
No one could find
   any evil in him;
they could not detect
No one could rightly.
   accuse him of sin.
For he showed no 
   hatred toward any
      of them.  40
He did not seek
  the honor of the crowd.
He did not ask
   for financial reward. 
It was obvious.
   that his conscience
      was clear,
that his intent was
that he spoke
   of only what he was
So those in need.
   found it easy to believe
that he spoke the truth
   when he said you are 
And according.
   to their faith was it 
      done unto them.
And many were healed
   when he gave the 
      word.  41
Evil spirits, thoughts,
   and attitudes
could not
   discourage him
      from helping you.
But when compared.
   to his obvious virtue,
they were exposed
   as evil and cruel. 
And since they.
  implied by their fear
     that he was so strong,
they simply had to leave
   at his word.  42..



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