Miracles of Jesus

The Truth Is God



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Chapter 44

So people gathered from.
to witness
   with excitement and
all the gracious words.
   that he said
and all the
   miraculous signs
      that he did.
The blind
   received their sight.
The deaf
   began to hear.
The lame got up
   and walked upright.
The ill among them.
   were cured. 
And finally
   for the very first time
the good news.
   of eternal life
was preached to the poor
   as though it were right.
And many saw the light.
He was the only one
   with an answer.
He was the only one
   who cared.
He was the only one.
   who had a cure
for those who were in
The poor
   went out to him.
The meek and lowly
   gathered around him.
The sick and the lame.
   sought help from him.
And many of the crowd
   befriended him.
He was acquainted
   with those not well 
      versed in the law.
He was a friend of those
   who were called 
      "sinners".  43
And with humility.
   and gentleness,
he lead them in love
   to righteousness.
Multitudes followed 
Large crowds admired 
Many were amazed.  44
And the leaders.
  of his day
    became jealous of him
because he received 
   more honor
      than they.  45
They feared that he.
   might take away
their power and control
   from them.  46
So they looked for an.
   opportunity to accuse 
      him of shame.  47 
And they spread
   rumors and lies about 
They tried to persuade
   that his intent was the 
as the worst of those
   who followed him.
For they would say,.
   just to cause dismay,
"why else would they
   follow him
   if he were not
      the same?"
They considered him.
   guilty by mere 
      association with us.
And he was
   numbered with the
      transgressors.  48
He was accused.
   of our crimes,
   and he was punished
      for our sins,
because he interceded
   on our behalf against 
      them.  49..



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