God loves repentance

The Truth Is God



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Chapter 45

For God loves those.
   who are humble inside.
He treasures those
   who are contrite.
He cares for those.
   who repent of their 
and are honest enough
   to confess he is right.
For such as they
   find it easy to admit
that God is most great
   since they know
      they have sinned.
And praise from these.
   can be considered valid
since they are so honest
   that they are willing 
to admit that they have
And so,
Jesus never thought
   to do any violence
against any of those
   who might listen. 
For they one day too.
   might wish to repent,
but the memory of harm
   might prevent it.
So he did not persuade
   with the edge of a 
      blade.  50
For that would
   only be to act
as though the truth alone
   could not persuade.
And he did not.
   defend his case
with evil threats
   and violence.
For those who do.
   eventually say,
"It's wrong! It's wrong!"
   even as they
      do the same.
he rebuked
  the proud and arrogant.
For they
   intimidate others
      with their threats
when they themselves are.
For such people deceive
by thinking that even
   God himself
does not see and cannot .
So he gave to them
   a stern warning
that God knows
   the hearts of men,
and if they would not.
then they too
   would go to hell.  51..

50. See Matthew 26:50-54.

51. See Matthew 23.



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