Jesus rebuked the authorities

The Truth Is God



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Chapter 46

For he was devoted.
   to what is just.
He stood up for the
   principles of 
He spoke out.
   for the cause of
      grace and love.
And he spent his effort
   on the will of God.
But the rulers of his day
  mocked without shame. 
They poisoned the minds
   of many.  52
And they put him to the
For they did not believe.
  that any man
could be so
     virtuous or innocent.
And they would
  rather think
      that they were best.
They thought that if
  they gave him trouble
    and increased his pain,
then he would lash out
   and take revenge.
And this would be
   the proof they sought
      of his evil intent.
For they did not believe.
   his spoken word.
Nor did they consider
   the joy of those
      who had been cured.
Nor did they believe.
   the miracles
      of which they heard. 
So he had to prove
   that his intent was 
He knew of their
   hatred towards him.
And he was aware
   of their murderous 
      design.  53
Still he did not cease.
   his ways,
he did not run and hide,
he did not change his 
But even though
   the proud and arrogant
      threatened harm,
he continued to heal
   without alarm.  54
So this is how his love
   was expressed,
and this is the evidence
   of his righteousness –
He took up the cause.
   of the poor and 
Yet he himself did no
He fought on behalf.
   of the weak and 
yet he did not take
He defended those.
   who were humble and 
He rescued the hope
   of those who believed.
And their faith he greatly
the crowds became
   divided in their faith
      in him.
For many thought
   he was a good and 
      honest man.
But many thought.
   he was deceiving 
      them.  55
For they did not know 
   his intent.
The ruling class
  became angry with him
because he said that they
   were hypocrites. 
But they could not.
   arrest him in public.
For many
   thought he was a 
      prophet.  56..



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