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The Truth Is God



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Chapter 47

The debate grew warm,.
   and the people were 
      torn.  57
Would they honor one
   who does miraculous 
Or would they honor.
   the authorities?
Would they listen to the
   words of eternal life?
Or would they
   listen to those
      who spoke in pride?
Tensions increased,
   and tempers flared.
And the
   distress over him
      increased until
it tested the loyalty.
   of everyone there. 
And it
   revealed the strength
      of their resolve.
And the
   concern over him
   was so completely 
until he was
  finally betrayed
     into the hands of men
by one of those.
   who was called a friend
because even he
   did not understand.  58
They came to arrest him,
   yet he did not refuse.
They beat him,
  and they scourged him,
yet he did not
   threaten them
      with abuse.
They crucified him,.
   but he did not 
Nor did he
   threaten revenge
      on them.  59
He persisted in his 
   concern for all men.
He continued in his 
   care for them.
He did not want 
   to do any harm.
And no one could.
   force him to.
He still maintained
   his Spirit of care
even though 
   the pain was severe.
He forgave all men.
   for hurting him.
And he would have 
   helped those standing 
But he died
   still believing
      that God was fair.  60
He maintained
   what was right
      even when it hurt.
He continued
  good deeds 
   even though he was 
He held fast to the Truth.
   even when he was 
And he kept
   his faith in God even
      when he suffered.  61
For he was willing to
   suffer for the cause of 
and he was determined
   to honor righteousness.
he valued goodness
   more than he valued
      his flesh.
He cared more
   for doing good deeds
than he cared for his 
And he wanted.
   the honor of God
   more than praise from 
For the Truth
  was the most important 
     thing to him...

57. See John 10:19-21.

58. See Matthew 26:14-16.

59. See 1 Peter 2:23.

60. See Luke 23:46.

61. See Hebrews 12:3.



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