Jesus has virtue of God

The Truth Is God



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Chapter 49

Jesus Christ
   has proven himself
sincerely devoted to
He has demonstrated
   his devout loyalty
      to faithfulness.
He has shown his .
      to what is just.
He has manifested
   his undying love.
He has been
   tested as much
      as he possibly can.
And there was no evil
   found in him.
So his virtue.
   has been proven
      beyond argument.
He has proven himself
   to be righteous.
For his good deeds.
   were even miraculous.
He has proven himself
   sincere and devout. 
For he still loved God.
   when the pain
      was profound.
He has proven himself
   to be courageous.
For not even the threat.
   of such a death
could make him
   change his ways.
And he has.
   proven himself
      to be gracious.
For he spoke to us
   about truth and love.
He is noble of heart,.
   loyal and pure.
He has proven his virtue
He has proven
   as faithful
      as Truth itself.
He is as
   devoted to love as
He has fulfilled.
  the highest expectations
     of God.
He defines the meaning
   of virtue and love. 
Jesus is the
   perfect expression
      of God.  67
He has proven himself
   deserving of all honor
      from us.
He is worthy of all.
He is most deserving
   of our love...



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