God resurrected Jesus

The Truth Is God



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Chapter 50

how can we honor one
   whom God will not
And how can you
   continue to praise
that which only.
   rots in the grave?
So how can we know
   that his glory is true?
And what shall we accept
   as sufficient for proof? 
Do you honestly believe.
   that God would not 
one who has proven
  so complete in his faith?
why do you strive
   with all of your 
And what are you trying
   to obtain?
What is it.
   you hope to gain
when you cry out
   in immense pain?
Are you.
   struggling even then
for fleeting moments
   while you can?
Does God not care.
   about what is right?
Does God have no
   power or might?
God maintains
   what is absolutely right.
And God upholds justice
   in every man’s life.
What you do unto others.
   will be done unto you.
And your reward
   will be consistent with
      what you do.
And since.
   Jesus proved devoted
      to God Most High,
God raised him
   back to life.  68
Since his deeds.
   are consistent with
      eternal life,
God gave him paradise.
For Jesus Christ has been
   raised from the dead.
He has been restored
  and brought back to life
He was seen by men..
He was handled
   and he was touched
      by them.
For after he came back
   to life again,
he spent a short time.
   with them
to prove that he was
   alive again.
And then as he was
   blessing them,
he ascended upward.
   into heaven. 
And many saw
   with their very own 
as he ascended upward
   and disappeared
      from their sight.  69
For things were
   done unto him
according to his 
He arose from the dead
   just as he said.
So his faith has been
And his resurrection
   is proof
      of his faithfulness.
For if God
   was not pleased
      to a sufficient extent
with the sincerity.
   of his intent,
then God
   would not have
      raised him up again,
and he would still be 
But God raised him up.
to show us that he was
   pleased with him.
So he ascended
   into heaven to sit at 
      God’s right hand...



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