Jesus ascended into heaven

The Truth Is God



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Chapter 51

since Jesus truly believed
   that it would be so,
he has been
   raised from the dead,
and he ascended unto.
  the highest place
     in the heavenly realm.
For Jesus was so
   devoted to God,
that God took him
   into heaven itself.
For if Christ will not
   remain dead,
then he will live
   forever instead.
And if he will not.
   rot in the ground,
then he will ascend
   above the clouds. 
So the rest of us
   must confess
that in some way.
   we have sinned.
For we know
  that our lives
    when compared to his 
are not so completely 
   virtuous.  70
Yet his life inspires us
   to repent.
For now we know
   what will come to pass.
If doing good deeds.
   can bring you back
      from the dead,
then doing bad things
  can give you a fate
   even worse than death.
Yet God has glorified
   Jesus Christ
to show us how
   to gain eternal life.
So it’s clear.
   that he believes
that the sins of men
   can be reprieved.  71 
For if Christ.
   did not believe
that we can be forgiven
   and be saved,
then he would have
   done nothing
      for our benefit,
and we would.
   still be living
in our ignorance
   and our sin.
There would have been
   no miracles of healing,
   no teaching what’s 
And we would have.
   never known the truth
      of eternal life.
So the resurrection of
   Christ Jesus
is proof that God
   really cares for us.
For if God really did not.
   care for us,
then God
  would not have
    considered it just
for Christ to waste.
   his efforts on us. 
And if Christ did not do
   what is perfectly just,
then God
   would not have
      raised him up.
But God raised
   Jesus Christ from the 
because his deeds
   were completely
And his deeds were done.
   for our benefit.
So God must really
   care for us...



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