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The Truth Is God



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Chapter 54

if we think about all
   that has been done,
Jesus did good deeds
   that are far better than
   anyone has ever before
      dreamed of –
walking on water,.
   healing the sick,
commanding the wind,
   raising the dead.
He continued.
  in spite of the
  worse threat
  that man could devise –
   while being mocked
      unto death
by his very own 
And yet,.
  with a good and willing 
without ever having 
Jesus suffered.
   for the cause of love
as much pain as
   could ever be invented.
And so in all
   the world’s history,
he has proven himself
   to be
the most totally devoted,
   the most completely 
the most perfectly faithful.
   to righteousness.
He proved himself
   so worthy of respect
that God raised him up
   from the dead.
And since no
   ordinary man could 
      have done all this,
Jesus is truly
   unique among men.
His life was so unusual.
   and so different,
that his life
   could have been
      no accident. 
His life was decreed.
   by the destiny
that righteousness
   will become plain to 
And it was determined.
   before his nativity
that he should come
   and do such things.
And to show that his life
   was no accident,
he was born
   of a humble virgin.
For this was not.
   man’s design.
No man was responsible
   for his being alive.
He was not conceived.
   by men who die.
For no one on earth
   understood at the time.
he was brought forth
   in the hope of glory.
He was engendered
   by the ecstasy
      of being saved.
He was conceived.
   by the joy of faith
      in Mary’s heart
as she believed
   the angel’s words.
For he spoke.
   of the fulfillment of 
and of salvation
   that would last forever.
he was begotten of God;
   he descended from
He was the Son
   of the Most High 
      God.  72..

72. See Luke 1:26-33. Actually, "Son of God" is a figure of speech used as a title for Messiah. It can't be taken too literally since we don't attribute God as having reproductive organs.



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