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The Truth Is God



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Chapter 59

since his death
   was predestined
to be completely evident,
he did not die
   in a darkened cave.
Nor did he die.
   in a faraway place.
Nor did he die
   in a desert landscape.
Nor did he die
   under the ocean waves.
But he died.
   on top of a hill
at the great city
   in the 
      center of the world
while many people.
   were gathered there
   to witness
      what occurred. 

And they made
   very sure
      that he was dead.
For they all witnessed.
   as they pierced him in
      the heart instead.  88
So this is how.
   we know he died –
they took him down
   and buried him
      in the ground
with he himself inside.
But his death was meant
   to be evident.
So what would you 
Would they.
  take his body far away,
or bury him
   in an unmarked grave?
Would they.
   throw his body
      in the sea,
or burn his corpse
   in the flames? 
No secret.
   would be made
of the fact
   that he was slain.
And destiny ordained.
that the evidence
   would be plain.
It was God’s intent
that his state of death
   be evident.
he was buried
   in a rich man’s grave  89
to commemorate the fact
   that he was slain.
And they certified.
   that he had died
as they sealed the tomb
   with him inside.  90
But do you think
   that it was God’s intent
to let everyone
   soon forget?
It was God’s design
to make his death
   a sign.
So the authorities
   posted men 
to guarantee
   that he stay dead,  91
which makes his death.
   more obvious
for those who may
   consider it.
For no one guards.
   a crypt
where no body
   has been set...



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