Prepared for the resurrection

The Truth Is God



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Chapter 61

But Christ came back.
   from the dead
that we might have
   the hope of heaven.
And even if he were.
   to all of a sudden
appear to his friends
   alive again,
it might have.
   driven them insane
since they
   would not have been 
      prepared for it.
For we have been
  so accustomed to 
  justifying the care of our 
that it can be difficult.
   to easily believe 
that we really need not
   fret and worry
because life after death
   is a reality.
So just as one might
their minds were 
   prepared by God
      to witness this.
God arranged.
   the circumstance
so they could accept
   that his life came back
in order to reconcile
   certain facts.
First they saw
   the empty tomb.
Then they saw
   some angels
   who told them
      the good news.
Then he was glimpsed.
   by just a few.
Then, as they
   considered all,
he appeared to them
   in the upper room.  94
He appeared to them
   from time to time 
to prove that he was
   indeed alive.  95
Then, as he was.
   blessing them,
he was taken from them
   into the sky.  96
For if he will not
   rot in the ground,
then he will ascend
   into the clouds.
If he cannot.
   by earth be bound,
then he in heaven
   will be found.
if he would have
   stayed on earth
      with his friends,
they would have.
   been obliged
      to stay with him.
But if those who 
   witnessed these events
should stay behind.
   to wait on him,
then the nations
   would not hear of it,
and his glory would not
he is destined to be
by people from all
For he has proven
   worthy of it
as has already been said.
the truth of him
   was destined to spread.
So his disciples
  were destined to be sent
first to those in Jerusalem.
and then to all the 
   nations.  97
But how could they
   force themselves
      to part with him
when he presents 
   so gloriously in front of
So he was taken up.
   into heaven
right in front of them,
so they could witness
   to all the nations
that people can go to
   heaven. ..



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