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The Truth Is God



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Chapter 62

it was so predetermined
that they be witnesses
   to all the nations,
that they were destined.
   to preach to all the 
whether or not
   they knew the right 
So while many were. 
   gathered for a festival,
the Spirit of God
   came from above
and made them speak.
   about the wonders of 
in other languages that 
   they knew not of.  98
those gathered
   from many nations
heard them speak
   in their own native 
And many who heard.
   believed these words
just as it was ordained
   by God. 
But if Jesus
   left this earth
so that all the nations
   could hear the word,
then, when all the world
   has finally heard,
he will again return.  99
For there is only
   one purpose
      to all of life.
And there is only
  one fate
  that will come to light –
to glorify Jesus Christ.
because he
  proved himself devoted
     to what is right...

98. See Acts 2:1-11.

99. See Matthew 24:14.



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