Sincerity, how should we define it

The Truth Is God



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Chapter 63

And what did you.
Is all of life
Or is there
   a purpose for what 
Will righteousness ever.
   come to pass? 
Or is the search for truth
   a hopeless task?
Then what is so.
   meaningful, relevant,
      and so important?
And what exactly is
What is more relevant.
than the truth of
   all existence?
What is more important
than the issue of
   life and death?
What can be more right.
   than the existence itself
      of God Most High?
And if it is so
   tragic and wrong
   that the living should 
then it must be right.
  that the dead should 
    then come back to life.
if anyone cares.
   for what is just,
wouldn’t God
   prove himself devoted
      to righteousness? 
But how does one prove.
   sincerely devoted
      to righteousness?
What would you
Would he indulge himself.
   in pleasure?
Or would he be
  willing instead to suffer?
Would he indulge himself
   in leisure
and then merely say
   that he’s sincere?
Or would he.
   continue to do
      his good works
even though it might 
And how should we 
   expect someone
to demonstrate 
What kind of deeds.
   can we all agree
are noble, good, and
Should he help himself.
   and do as he wishes?
Would he oppress the 
      and gather his riches? 
Or would he help those.
   who truly have need
and give of himself
   so the world can 




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