God's deeds surpasses all

The Truth Is God



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Chapter 64

But if God were to come.
   into the world of men,
what would you
   expect of him?
Wouldn’t we expect.
   that his righteous acts
would never again
   be surpassed?
Shouldn't we expect.
no less than
   the miraculous –
healing the sick,
   raising the dead,
   the natural elements?
So if what is just.
   is totally correct,
then shouldn’t we expect
that it will eventually
   come to pass?
what would you expect?
If God should indeed
   be manifested,
would God ignore
   the most vital question
of the truth.
   of all existence?
Would God avoid
   the most important 
of eternal life or death?
But do mere words 
   prove the validity of 
Does talk alone
   demonstrate the truth 
      of it?
So what would you. 
Would God simply talk
   about righteousness?
Or would he take action
   in the flesh?
God will not argue
   with men.
For the truth is
   clear enough to him.
If the Word of God.
   were to come
      in the flesh, 
he would
   pursue the method
      that is most direct
which proves that he 
   will forever live.
And what is the most 
   effective method
which will finally prove
  that he will always live?
He would prove,
   as you would expect,
that the opposite.
   is complete nonsense –
that even if he were
   to suffer death,
he would still
   come back to life again.
And what would you
Wouldn’t God prove
   that death is not
      a threat to him?
Shouldn’t we expect.
that God would conquer
For, if he can conquer
then he can conquer
   all the rest...




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