Everyone sins because God alone is holy

The Truth Is God



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Chapter 65

And so,.
this is the sentence
   on all men –
God alone is holy.
   all other men
are destined to have
And so evil exists.
   in the world in which
     we live.
And it must be
   contended with.
There will be
   no argument
in the highest heaven.
There will be
   no divided loyalties
      in the midst of it.
There will be.
   no question as to
      who is God.
It will be
   absolutely obvious.
For God alone.
   is completely perfect.
And everyone else
   has sinned. 
No one.
   will enter heaven
without admitting God’s
by confessing that God
   is more righteous than 
And if you truly 
   understand that you 
      have sinned,
then you must also
   honestly repent.
For though.
   evil in the world
      must exist,
God will contend
   with it.
God will punish those. 
   who continue to sin.
And God will forgive
   those who repent.
For God does not
   justify sin.
He does not.
   give us a reason
      to do evil things.
For if God does not 
then he himself.
   justifies sin. 
For either you will be
   or you will be
There is no alternative..
So, if God will not save
   when you repent,
then God declares
   that you instead  
      will be condemned.
And if God were to.
   tell someone
that he cannot be saved
   even if he repent,
then that person
   would have no reason
      to honor God.
He would have.
   no reason to do what’s 
He would have
  every right to hate God.
He would have.
   every right to do
the most evil things
   that he can possibly
      think of.
For if you are going to be.
   punished for it
      in any event,
then you might as well
   act like it. 
But since God does not.
   justify sin,
he cannot tell someone
   that he will be 
and yet still allow him.
   to continue to live.
And so anyone
   who continues to live
will be forgiven
   if they repent...




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