God is faithful to forgive

The Truth Is God



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Chapter 66

And if God is willing.
   to forgive,
then God will save
   those who repent.
For God is faithful.
   to his promises,
and God will do
   just as he says.
So God will forgive you
   if you repent.
God will save you
   if you will honor him.
So search your heart.
   and yourself within. 
Do you feel any comfort
   or encouragement?
Do you feel any.
  hope or relief from this?
Then this is the evidence
   of your faith in God.
And this is the proof
   of your salvation.
For those who believe.
   that they will be 
can feel no hope or
So what is there left
   to say about this?
If you feel any 
then all you need do.
   is to admit it.
All you need do
   is accept for yourself
      this marvelous grace,
and you will be forever
For all of us
   have gone astray.
All of us
   have been lead away. 
But if now.
   after such a long
      and wayward search
into all the misleading 
   ways of earth,
you now come.
   to finally discern,
that there is no cause
   of greater worth
than to honor God.
   through Jesus Christ,
for he has proven 
      as you have heard,
God will accept
   your honor of him.
And God will value
   your sincere worship.
For now you know.
  by your own experience
that the ways of God
   are completely just.
For now you know
   by your experience
that to go your own way.
   leads to anguish.
But now that you
   have accepted him,
your life has become
   the evidence 
that God can inspire.
   faith in men.
For, before you accepted
   the grace of God,
your life contained
   only emptiness.
And since Jesus has 
   proven himself sincere
in his devotion
   to what is good and 
you prove that your faith.
   has been cured,
for you have proven
   that you now care.
And if you honor
   Jesus Christ
because of his 
   commitment to do 
      what is right,
then you honor God.
   who sent him here
to be our gracious 




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