Jesus worthy to be King

The Truth Is God



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Chapter 67

Jesus has proven worthy
   to be honored as King.
And he will rule
   over everything.
For he suffered.
   for the cause of love.
He proved
   sincerely devoted
      to righteousness.
He was truly faithful.
   to justice and love.
And he was
  completely loyal to God 
So death could not.
   hold on to him.
And he came back
   to life again.
For his faith has proven.
   stronger than
the most evil form of 
   death there is.
Though he suffered
  the worst form of death
nothing could make him
And his love for what is.
   just and right
could not be
So God has granted,.
   Jesus Christ
the right to rule
   over all mankind.
And the fate of every.
   soul alive
will be judged as he
   decides.  100
For God has granted
   Jesus Christ
all glory, honor,
   power, and authority.
Of his kingdom.
   there shall be no end.
And he shall forever
   reign as King.  101
For if he will not decay
   in utter weakness,
then he will reign
   in power and in
If the rulers cannot have.
   their way with him,
then he will rule
   over them.
And if the judgment.
   against him
      cannot stand,
then he will be
   the Judge instead.
He could not have 
   suffered anything more.
Yet God gave him life
And so.
God has determined
   that Jesus Christ
will never suffer again
   in life.
He will be granted.
   his desire.
What he thinks is right
   will come to light,
and things shall be
   as he decides...



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